Adapted from “Moto-Momisms” By Robin Crutcher, in The Best of Motomom

Mom-isms are a thing that usually only a mother gets to say, say often, or say with gusto. If you were ever a kid, you heard some from your mom, if you are a mom you no doubt have uttered a few. Moreover, MotomMoms seem to have a vast repertoire of ‘isms.’ Some of these I use myself, some I’ve overheard.

Please feel free to use any that you find appropriate and useful. Make sure to share with us your favorites.

“Go ahead. Try the triple. But if you break your leg don’t come running to me.”

“What? Do I look like I’m made of spark plugs?”

“Ask your father.”

“You can break in your own new boots. Outside. Stay away from my shower.”

“Who put the mother trucking air filters in the dishwasher?”


“Keep up that attitude and I’m spraying your grips with plastic shine.”

“Your trophies need dusted. You can do it.”

“New bikes don’t grow on trees.”

“No, the trophy girl isn’t coming home with you.”

“Big air doesn’t mean a fart contest in my camper.”