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Every time a racer throws a leg over a motocross bike there's a risk. We've talked about it in depth. But what if - what if those goals and dreams out weigh the risks? For so many athletes, the chase and the adventure is the calling. As we embark on this trip towards the 2021 Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Championship our tiny film crew wants to document the stories. These are the tribulations and triumphs of earning your way; of the sacrifices made and the scars collected. This film is our love letter to the sport and families that have bonded us in blood and bread. 

This is YOUR story, not ours. We want to articulate what so many of us feel through brilliant visuals and compelling narration.  

We are looking to complete this year's filming with a select few families. We want to know what drives you, motivates you, and why motocross is the lifestyle - not the hobby. 

While our goal is to showcase the love and joy brought to us all by dirt bikes and our travels, we know that not every tale is a happy ending. If you believe in sharing the raw, ragged realities of amateur motocross racing, we want to talk to you. 

Our ideal candidates are mini bike/youth class racers, though we are open to compelling stories in all classes and age groups. If you think your racer and family is a fit, drop us a line in the form here. 

It's time for the stories of grassroots amateur racing to have it's voice back. This isn't industry plugs. This isn't a popularity contest. You can't buy your way into this project. 


Thank you for supporting us,

Courtney, Chase and Austin

MotoMom + The Film Dudes

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Apply for Filming

If your family or racer has a true story to tell, wants to be featured and has a legitimate shot at a LL qualifying spot, we want to talk to you. 

We want to work with you. We are now discussing corporate and brand partnerships for this project.  Please email direct for inquires and opportunities. 

Want to be involved further? Sure sleeping in our vans and missing our families to chase these dreams is all part of the charm. But frankly we would like to not go totally broke sharing your stories. If you're interested in helping us stop at the occasional Waffle House and sleep in a bed that's not the back of a pick up truck at the track, we'd sure appreciate the hell out of you.  If you're so inclined, we'd love if you could spare a few bones through the donation link below.

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