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It's Just Dirt Bikes


I want you to think really hard about this.

Think about the last time your kid was on their bike. This weekend. Yesterday. Saturday. A month ago.

When he pulled off his helmet after that last lap or drill or ride through the creek what did his face say?

What did YOU say?

How did you treat them?

Was your reaction that you’re so caught up in everything it took from YOU to get there, did you forget that this is your child, riding or racing a screaming machine that could kill them?

Did you smile at her? Ask her if she had fun? Did you tell her how much it cost to get there? Did you count how much vacation you took off or how much money you missed out on while she was out there on a motorcycle that’s twice her bodyweight? But she missed that damn rut again in the corner all weekend, you might think.

Did you son put his head on the bars and heave his chest, gulping for air, not because he was tired - and he was - and not because he did not reach his goal - but because he didn’t reach yours? Did he not win by enough? Did he not do enough?

Was he not enough for you?


These are not accusations. In fact, it’s a mirror to myself of things as a parent I need to improve on. This doesn’t mean you’re shit MotoMom or terrible person, you're amazing. MotoDad, you’re incredible - but you’ve had some moments, too.

Wait, I get it. You're gonna share this post and be smug thinking I've never been like that but I've seen Jonny Joe Bob do it - he's an asshole. Is he? Are you for thinking that you're a better person or Moto parent for not pushing. We don't know this. We never know the circumstances behind the flow of feelings and emotions. We watch our kids fly through the sky on motorized horses. We deal with it differently. Every parent has their own guts and hearts on fire, and when their children literally line up watching a pin to move on a gate every beat intensifies.

Because I know not ONE Moto parent that hasn't made a mistake likes these at least a few times, big or small. If you haven't, you will.

Lost a temper? Thrown a helmet into the trailer? Tossed goggles to the side in frustration? Told your kid they were something less than they were supposed to be? Maybe you didn't say it. Maybe you just felt it. But they knew.

Why? Because you’re embarrassed or upset because some stupid expectation brought on by some internal force wasn’t met? The invisible finish line moved again?


Reverse. You can fix this now.

Turn to your kid. Give them a hug. Tell them you love him. Tell her you. are. so. PROUD.

And mean it.

Then keep doing it. Forever.

It’s just dirtbikes.


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