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Through the Woods

The making of a new Harescramble MotoMom.

Julia Goes has an understated calm about her, the kind that only the moms of the woods and dirt can understand. Her big doe eyes glint with excitement that make you feel as though she is a heroine of the latest animated film. Her eldest child, Gustavo, is a ball of toothless tenacity.

As it would come to be, Gustavo’s first race was Sunday. Here Julia tells us about Gustavo - or Goose as he’s called, and his first time on the line and squeezing between trees.

“Gustavo and his dad have been hanging out in the garage together since he was literally days old,” When he was four, they went to watch Julia’s husband Nilson race a harescramble. Goose was so excited and proud of his dad he would rewatch the race footage like most kids watch Paw Patrol - on repeat.

“For Gustavo’s fifth birthday we got him his first dirt bike. He was stoked! He took to it and would right that bike for hours.” While they didn’t expect a racer, that’s what they got. “We told him that when he turned six he could do a real race. So for a year he counted down ‘How Many Sleeps!?’ were left until he could race.”

Julia was nervous. “I had never watched kids race before. I had no idea what to expect. What happens if he falls and can’t get his bike started again?” mused the mama. The little Goose was so excited. She wanted it to be everything he wanted it to be. “At the start line I saw him fist bump the kid next to him, and my mommy heart exploded!”

As MotoMom, each of us know this feeling. We are proud, excited, nervous. Hell, even terrified is a could descriptor.

“He wheeled up with so much confidence! He was between two bikes that were bigger than his which gave me heart palpitations,” The new race mom was more nervous than excited at first. “But when I noticed how confident he was and gave the bigger kid a fist bump, I was so proud.” The flag dropped, and they were off, “I got pumped!” Goes says she didn’t expect that much adrenaline for herself.

For lots of families, the dads have had their share of race action. Julia explains what it was like watching her husband as a MotoDad. “Nilson might have also been counting down the sleeps to Gustavo’s race! He was beyond excited. It was heart warming to watch him share his love of dirt bikes with Goose.”

The best part of the day was Goose pulling his helmet off with a beet red face and sweaty smile saying he want’s to do it again, explained Goes. Now, little sister Reesey want’s a turn. “He’s almost ready for a bigger bike. We will keep going to races as a family,” she continues, when he moves up sister will jump on the PW, “So, here we go!”

MotoFamily, please join MotoMom Media in welcoming Julia as a new MotoMomma. May your kids ride fast, may they stay safe, and may you always know- once a MotoMom, always a MotoMom.

Photos courtesy Julia Goes


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