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The American Dream

If you’re going to post in color, it better be in red, white and blue.

“The American Dream does not come to those who fall asleep.” President Gerald Ford once said in a speech. This is true for all aspects of our nation. As we stand on a precipice moving forward towards a better, stronger republic where the freedoms of all people are recognized and granted, and the great sacrifices that provide them are acknowledged and heartfelt; remember this: no one owes you a damn thing. Your spouse, your kid, your parents, no one. You have to work for it. Go out there, chase The Dream. Some people have a hand up a head of you. Others are held back. Regardless of privilege or posture, only your grit and determination will set you apart. Now go forth and follow your heart. Oh, and don’t shoot your eye out and remember to wash your hands. -MotoMom


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